Venessa Paech

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Understand & harness communities

Venessa Paech is Australia’s leading online communities expert.

A seasoned community manager, strategist and educator, she helps leaders and organisations understand and harness the power of communities to meet and exceed their goals.

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Why work with Venessa?

Venessa possesses vast wisdom and expertise with the unique position of both academic and practitioner, enabling her to deliver unique and valuable strategic insights to drive business and organisational success. A highly regarded industry pioneer and leader, Venessa has driven the community management industry in Australia. She offers unrivalled consulting and advisory expertise.

Venessa is a master and true pioneer in the field of community management. I am proud to say I learned all of my best community practices from Venessa. She exemplifies a strong leader - deeply knowledgeable, tactical, patient, and above all, human.
— Bryony Cole, CEO Future of Sex