Symposium: Community as a data infrastructure, AOIR 2019, Data Futures, University of NSW

Symposium: Living with AI - Humanity in the age of smart machines, Fudan University (2019). ‘Conceptualising AI development for online communities using care ethics’, Dr Fiona Martin & Ms Venessa Paech, University of Sydney

Symposium: Digital Data and Automation in Everyday Life Symposium, Digital Ethnography Research Centre, RMIT (2017)

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Selected opinion features:

Revenge of the moderators: Facebook’s online workers are sick of being treated like bots (The Conversation)

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Selected interviews

Social media and community managers: The people battling anti-halal trolls and online abuse (

Podcast: Feature interview with Venessa Paech on the past, present and future of online communities (Cluetrain Station)

How dominates: Interview with Senior Manager for Content and Community Strategy, Venessa Paech (Telstra Smarter Business Blog)

Rising Star: Venessa Paech shares her thoughts on digital marketing (The Guardian)

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Venessa presenting at the RMIT Symposium on Automation and Everyday Life, 2018

Venessa presenting at the RMIT Symposium on Automation and Everyday Life, 2018